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Produce clean, carbon-neutral, virtually heat-free mechanical energy to generate usable electricity and raw torque for a wide spectrum of profitable applications.  Our Hy-Point Energy System creates a self-sustaining, energy generating system incorporating potable water production. After 40 years in development, our system uses no hazardous materials, no strategic material and produces no toxic emissions. Just safe, long-proven technologies ingeniously recombined to grand effect.

Renewable Energy | Potable Water | Efficiency

LogoAre you BOLD and PRO-ACTIVE enough to join with us?


The Hy-Point Energy System  and eco-Energy Fuel comprise a technological breakthrough in water purification/production and energy generation.  In partnership with ordinary individuals and industry, we can begin tomorrow to democratize access to both clean, potable water and point-of-use energy, while generating profits for those with the vision to help launch this ultra-efficient renewable solution for water and carbon-free usable power,  as well as the generations of User-Producers to come. 

  • Hy-Point Energy System technology  will produce unlimited amounts of potable water and GREEN, heat-free energy with unprecedented efficiency and environmental compatibility. No need to burn any fuel ever again!

  • Hy-Point Energy System technology will address the ever-increasing need for water and energy, even in the most remote locations with the fewest natural resources.

  • Hy-Point Energy System technology eliminates the energy  “middle man” and gives individuals and industry the ability to control and regulate their own energy use independently.

Retrofit Any Existing Building
or Power Plant Facility

Hy-Point Energy System technology forever solves the problem of transmission losses and energy flow regulation.  Our technology is point-of-use and eliminates the need for conventional grid infrastructure.  Either use it right where you need it, or connect to a local (neighborhood micro) grid.

No delivery losses, rate increases,  outages – simply optimal emission-free energy flow…

Zero Emissions!

How?  Our energy production process uses ambient heat, the earth’s constant temperature, without hydrocarbon fuel of any kind for lifelong reliable operation with zero emissions, a perfect combination designed to mitigate the current climate change crises, and more importantly, the current water crisis, which currently affects 5 billion people, primarily women and children.